STARTING TODAY: The Search For The Bottle Warmer, Sterilizer & Cooker Is Over

Being a mom ourselves once upon a time, we understand the importance of having a method of safely warming & sterilizing the milk, one that we trust and that helps us improve our life & get rid of the new-baby worries that every new mom has.

We know we like the thrill and adventure of having a baby and we also know how important it is for you to take good care of him or her while maintaining peace of mind.

The Beauty of Vazberz, that will blow your mind consists of:

-High temperature steam sterilization

-Stainless Steel Liner

-Double Screen Display LCD

-Intelligent Display

-Intelligent dry Burning Intelligent Touch

We rely ONLY on high-quality ingredients when it comes in creating your new kitchen aid, but what makes it truly stand out from everyone else is the added cooking function, that will help you use it as a cooker for your OWN food after the baby grows big. You’ll save more money than ever before.

3+1 Reasons Why This Baby Sterilizer & Warmer Is A Must Have

Having a clean kitchen has never become easier than today, with the baby Bottle Sterilizer & Dryer & Cooking Machine.

Being a new mom is no easy task, so why stress yourself with all the "tiny" jobs? Set & forget and learn to relax with our newest machine.

A revolutionary kitchen buddy that will help you not only feed the little one but also cook for yourself when you're in a rush.

Forget about worrying where to put it, because, with our newest model, you'll have more space than ever before on your counter table.

Besides focusing on truly quality materials, we're providing new mothers with the hope that the little one will receive what they need.

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Modern Design

Stainless steel liner


This is a great bottle sterilizer and warmer. It does what you need it to do and if you set it perfectly it warms the milk perfectly.


This product is well designed and has lots of features. I tried the noodles feature and I was surprised on how great the food came out. Also, I didn't have any difficulties cleaning it because of it's stainless steel liner. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for one.


Easy to figure out and a great investment. We keep it in the bedroom and it has made our night feedings easy for both bottled breastmilk and formula when we are supplementing. It thaws frozen milk and heats up water fine.